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exterior photo of our buildingAbout Haug Chiropractic

At Haug Chiropractic, “Home of the Customized Adjustment,” we are dedicated to providing people with the finest chiropractic care. Led by our seasoned practitioner who founded the practice in 1997, Dr. Andrew Haug, our clinic has a well-deserved reputation for excellence in spinal health.

We actively participate in the vibrant community of Naperville. This connection to the community enriches our lives & reflects in the care we provide—warm, welcoming, and always considering the bigger picture of your health & well-being.


On a Mission to Provide Exceptional Care

Dr. Haug’s mission is to constantly develop his skills, allowing him to be the best upper cervical chiropractor he can be and to share that with his community. He wants everyone to experience their bodies working at optimal levels.

Inspired by the philosophy of George Washington Carver, “If you love something enough, it will reveal itself to you,” our practice is a testament to this belief. Dr. Haug has a deep-seated passion for the upper cervical spine and has established a level of expertise that’s rare and invaluable in the field.

We pride ourselves on being in the “sweet spot” of experience—possessing a wealth of knowledge and skill, yet continually driven to learn and improve. This balance ensures our patients receive care that’s both well-informed and cutting-edge.

Making the Best Choice

Patients from over 170 cities across eight states have chosen Haug Chiropractic for our exceptional focus on upper cervical care. While we excel in this area, our expertise extends to effectively address a range of spinal and other neuromuscular issues, family care, including pregnancy, and more, always aiming for the best possible outcomes.

Our Community of Wellness

At Haug Chiropractic, we’re more than just a chiropractic clinic; we’re a community dedicated to helping you experience your body’s best. Discover the difference dedicated, experienced care can make in your life.

Ready to See Our Difference?

If you’re ready to transform your spinal health, contact Haug Chiropractic today and join the many who have found relief and rejuvenation through our expert care. Call us today!

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