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Trigger Point Therapy at Haug Chiropractic

Doctor adjusting womanUpper cervical work is targeted specifically to the upper cervical spine but also helps the rest of the spine by balancing the tone and the frame. In cases where joints have a history of irritation and trauma, and are not moving as well as they should or have fixations, Dr. Haug incorporates trigger point therapy. 

This technique allows Dr. Haug to target specific areas of discomfort and imbalance in the spine for a more comprehensive approach to your spinal health.

A Gentle Yet Effective Approach

Trigger point therapy is a unique method that focuses on joints with a history of injury or chronic problems. Dr. Haug uses an Impulse® adjusting instrument for his trigger point work. While most people call it adjusting, he refers to it as joint therapy.

This method involves gentle, quick impulses to release tension and improve movement in affected joints. It’s a non-invasive technique, free from the traditional popping, twisting, or cracking, ensuring a comfortable patient experience.

Using this therapy is a perfect complement to our upper cervical adjustments. Once the spine is balanced, we can focus on other areas with acute or chronic issues. Targeting these specific spots, we help bring additional relief and balance to your spine.

What to Expect

Patients often have questions about this new method, so Dr. Haug makes sure he explains what he’ll be doing before moving forward. First, there’s no popping, twisting, or cracking involved.

While you’re lying facedown on the table, he uses the Impulse tool to deliver quick impulses to the dysfunctional tendons or joints to get a bit of a release in the area. Our approach is designed to minimize discomfort while maximizing relief.

Get Needed Relief Today

Whether you’re dealing with acute irritation or long-standing spinal issues, trigger point therapy can offer the targeted relief you need. Visit us at Haug Chiropractic and feel the difference in your spinal health. Call today and schedule your free consultation.

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